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Mr. CAP rapper photoshoot by Bobby J.

Mr. CAP Music

Welcome to the official Music Page of Mr. CAP, the trailblazing rap artist who's been captivating audiences with his electrifying beats and razor-sharp lyrics. Here at, you'll find the latest music releases, from the man who's been redefining the hip hop scene. Immerse yourself in Mr. CAP's world and discover the raw talent, passion, and dedication that have earned him a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Join us as we celebrate the unstoppable rise of a true hip hop visionary. Welcome to the Music Page of Mr. CAP!

New Single



Panties Piano 2.png
Panties Piano 2.png
Panties Piano 2.png
Panties on My PianoMr. CAP + Ciddy Boy P
00:00 / 04:04
Cocaine Margarita by Mr. CAP
Cocaine MargaritaMr. CAP + NeNe Lioness + Da Homie
00:00 / 02:55
H-Town Rep.png
H-Town Rep.png
H-Town Represent by Mr. CAP.png
H-Town RepresentMr. CAP + Ciddy Boi P
00:00 / 03:12
BG Only.png
PWA Cover Art_Final 2.png
PWA Cover Art_Final 2.png
PWA (Power Weed & Alcohol)Mr. CAP + Ciddy Boi P
00:00 / 04:22
Where the Bag At 2.jpg
Where the Bag At 2.jpg
Where the Bag At 2.jpg
Where The Bag AtMr. CAP + Devyn Kelly
00:00 / 03:57
SOAR'N 2.png
00:00 / 03:34
My World GOLD.png
My World GOLD.png
My WorldMr. CAP + Billy Cook
00:00 / 03:56
Keep'em Clappin_CAW1.jpg
Keep'em Clappin_CAW1.jpg
Keep'em ClappinMr. CAP
00:00 / 03:15


"Discover a World of Music with Mr. CAP"

Mr. CAP is a hip-hop artist from South Park, Houston, Texas. His music is undeniably influenced by the culture and style of the cities he grew up in.

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