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"SOAR'N" is a potent new single from acclaimed artist Mr. CAP featuring Dope-E, set to be released on August 1, 2023. Crafted under the adept production of Ciddy Boi Music and released under the Power Camp label, this hip-hop/rap track encapsulates a poignant narrative about the societal struggles and systemic injustices faced by young black men. With raw lyricism and powerful delivery, "SOAR'N" – an acronym for Standards Of A Real Ni**a – captures the resilience and potential to rise above adversity.


The single is intended to serve not just as a musical composition but as a beacon for societal awareness, representing a call for change and understanding. Explicit in nature and deeply meaningful, "SOAR'N" is a crucial commentary on the realities of life, law, and governmental fairness for the black community in the United States. This digital release, available on all major online platforms and Mr. CAP's official website, is expected to resonate with listeners around the globe and leave a lasting impact.


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